Volute Pre-classification Feeding Chamber Cyclone (Y Series)


Volute Pre-classification Feeding Chamber Cyclone (Y Series)

• Adopt the conrotatory and radial alignment technique for the feeding particles;

• Stable feeding flow field, effectively reduce the short circuit;

• Less resistance at the inlet port with less energy consumption;

• Less misplaced fineness at the underflow and high classification efficiency.

Personalized structural design

Haiwang cyclone is personalized structural design product. Different structures and different hard wearing materials can be chosen according to the slurry property, process design and working condition. Our technical team can provide you with the professional, personalized mode selection and technical service.

Select the equipment model in series

Haiwang FX hydrocyclone specification varies fromФ10 to Ф840(mm) and the separation particle size varies from 2μm to 350μm, which realizes the equipment model selection in series.

Various hard wearing materials

To satisfy the special requirement from the customers under the different materials and working conditions, FX series cyclone will take use of different hard wearing material. The typical chosen hard wearing materials includes:

• Low- carbon steel cover, rubber liner (FX-GX series);


• Low- carbon steel cover, ceramic liner (FX-GT series);

• Polyurethane (FX-PU series);
• Low- carbon steel cover, PU liner (FX-GJ series);

• Low- carbon steel cover, KM hard wearing composite ceramic liner (FX-GK series)。

Haiwang FX series cyclones are applied in ferrous and non-ferrous metal and non-metal grinding classification working, raw ore de-sliming working, fine classification working, concentration working, tailing dam working, tailing filling working and tail stacking working etc.