Haiwang HWCP Series Slurry Pump

HWCP series slurry pump is the series products of Haiwang Company by its own research and design in accordance with the market demand. The pump is designed with excellent hydraulic model with high efficiency and outstanding performance. The barrel of pump is of the structure with pump shell and replaceable wearing resistant material for convenient assembly and maintenance and long service life. The slurry pump technique can meet JB/T 8096-2013 “centrifugal slurry pump” standard.


Volute Feeding Pre-classifying Hydrocyclone  Volute feeding chamber design  Overflow fineness increased over 5%  Fine particles in underflow decreased by 3-5%  Recovery increased by 1-3%  Classification efficiency increased over 10%  Lower feeding resistance and power consumption 

Mining Rubber Seals Parts Components

Mining Rubber Seals Parts Components" refers to various rubber seals, parts, and components that are specifically designed and used in mining applications. These rubber products play a crucial role in ensuring the efficiency, safety, and reliability of mining equipment and machinery.

Rubber Expansion Joint

"Rubber Expansion Joint" which refers to a flexible connector used to compensate for movement in pipes, ducts, and other systems, absorbing vibrations, thermal expansion, and contraction.

Haiwang Rubber lined wear resistant pipe

Rubber elastomer has low density, light weight, and no creep; polyurethane with macromolecular chains is resistant to sliding wear and impact wear Strong windability, strong impact resistance Arbitrary bending: it has good telescopic bending performance and reduces the difficulty of on-site construction

Diaphragm valve

The diaphragm valve is one of the best choice when involving the turn off or control operation of abrasive or corrosive slurry, powder or particles.  Technical Features Diaphragm valve is a special form of cut-off valve, the opening and closing part is a diaphragm made of soft materials, which separates the inner cavity of the valve body from the inner cavity of the valve cover.  

Gate valve-Pneumatic valves

When the valve is closed, the gate will pass through the rubber sleeve, so that the medium can be dis-charged to the outside and play a role of cleaning the matching surface of the two rubber sleeves. 100% bubble level seal, which can achieve zero leakage in the pipeline.

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